Thanks to our partnership with Australia’s #1 SMS provider MessageMedia, we’re now able to offer you SMS messaging as part of Memnet’s all-in-one membership, subscription, CRM and event management solution. SMS is an effective tool when communicating with members, event attendees and communities.

Why Use SMS

SMS messages get opened 98% of the time and 90% of text message communications get opened within 90 seconds. When you need to have your message seen, SMS is the way to go.

What you get when you start using SMS with Memnet

Send bulk communications with members easily and efficiently

You don’t even need to leave the platform to do this. Use Memnet’s quick Message Wizard feature to switch to SMS and see the results.

Enhance any event communications with SMS

Use Memnet’s specific event communications feature to create and send SMS campaigns on:

  • Event invites
  • Promotional & corporate packages
  • General communications
  • Logistic changes
  • Event check-ins
  • Event reminders
  • What’s coming up or event agendas

TOP TIP: If you are planning to send out a lot of event invites with long URLs, use MessageMedia’s URL shortener to meet the 160 character limit per message. It also looks better. Talk to our us via email or give us a quick call.

Time or schedule your SMS campaigns and messages well in advance

For those wanting to save themselves extra workload, use Memnet’s scheduling feature to set up timed SMS push outs. Useful for membership renewals, late invoice payments and much more.

Easily customise SMS communications all within the Memnet platform.

Personalise your SMS communications by adding custom fields such as member’s names, roles, company name, event name etc

Send email and SMS simultaneously

Combine email and SMS to create an even more effective and holistic marketing strategy.

Track and trace your SMS deliveries – either from MessageMedia or Memnet’s web portal.

You can monitor and assess your SMS campaigns to see who it was sent to as well as whether it was successfully delivered. Use Memnet’s ‘Validate my number’ feature to make sure that each member’s phone number is valid.   

Accelerate membership renewals, debt collection and payment of unpaid invoices with SMS

Schedule in SMS broadcasts to members with outstanding invoices or payments. Let SMS do the debt chasing for you all from within the app.  

This is particularly useful for:

  • Membership renewals
  • Ad-hoc payments
  • One-off invoices
  • Merchandising
  • Event payments

TOP TIP: When selling tickets for events or merchandising, if a member chooses to raise an invoice and pay later, you can set up automatic reminders to pay through SMS.

Use the Mail Generation function to send easily customisable SMS communications in tandem with others.

Use our Message Wizard to send quick SMS blast or create highly customised SMS broadcasts with specific member lists and exclusions. Choose to segment via specific member attributes such as accreditation, job roles and much more.

If you’re interested in using SMS with your Memnet system, you can sign up here.

Common SMS templates to get you started



USE THIS TEMPLATE: Hi [[FIRSTNAME]]], just a reminder that our event [[EVENTNAME]] is on tomorrow. Here is your link to check in: https://LINKTOCHECKINPAGE

Note: This uses a link shortener. Make sure this is enabled as part of your MessageMedia package to avoid long links in your event broadcasts.



USE THIS TEMPLATE: Hello [[FIRSTNAME]], we wanted to extend an exclusive invite to you for our new opening at the [[EVENTVENUE]] [[EVENTVENUEADDRESS]]. Please arrive by [[STARTDATETIME]], and show staff your QR code below. We look forward to seeing you there, and hope you have a great time.”

Membership Renewal



USE THIS TEMPLATE: Hello [[FIRSTNAME]], your membership to COMPANY will be up for renewal in [[X]] days. To renew now, please click here: https://YOURPORTALLINK



USE THIS TEMPLATE: Hey [[FIRSTNAME]], we’ve having a YOURDISCOUNT off all our merchandise this weekend. Get in fast before it all goes! Use code: DISCOUNTCODE http://[PUBLICBOOKINGLINK]


USE THIS TEMPLATE: Hi there [[SALUTATION]], we just wanted to remind you that your payment for an invoice to the YOURCOMPANYNAME for [[SUBSCRIPTIONNAME]]
is now [[X]] days overdue. Please click this link to pay immediately: LINKTOPORTAL

Critical Information Updates


USE THIS TEMPLATE: Hi there, we wanted to inform you there was a INCIDENT at [[EVENTVENUE]] and we will be unable to conduct our monthly meeting. We apologise for inconvenience, and will update you on a new location, date and timing as soon as we can. Thanks!”



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