MemNet enables you to record a range of important information on your members and easily access this information when you require. 

MemNet allows you to:

  • Maintain membership details on companies, groups and individuals
  • Allows multiple people per Membership
  • Categorise your members by type/classification and record person attributes
  • Set up custom fields on members and people to record your organisations specific data
  • Automatically maintain and view a complete history of contact with a member
  • Maintain CPD/CPE records for each person
  • Easy fast search capabilities (basic and advanced) to locate your members data
  • Associate a task with a member or create stand alone task
  • Assign a task to a user and set due dates for a task
  • Full archive and retrieval system with no loss of historic data
  • Data extract facilities for offline analysis (refer to Reports)

Improve your data integrity through a range of validation processes, and archive historical records to ensure an accurate and up-to-date database. The intuitive and easy to use interface of MEMNET makes finding members and updating their details a simple exercise.


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MemNet is a web based integrated Membership, Subscription and Event Management System built and securely hosted in Australia specifically for the Australasian market.

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