Newsletter November 2018

   Newsletter November 2018

It's our 10th Birthday & we have some exciting news!


How time flies, our little baby is all grown up!

MemNet is about to celebrate a significant birthday as it will soon be 10 years since the first MemNet client started using the system, that same organisation is still using MemNet today!


Over the years, not only has MemNet evolved into the leading membership management system it is today, but increased numbers of users and changing technology means we have now outgrown  the hosting environment that has served us well since those early days. Like any family who has outgrown their home, we have the options of renovating, adding an extension to our existing infrastructure or finding a shiny new, modern home.



The Search is On!

We have begun the search for a new improved hosting environment for MemNet, we are still working on what that will look like, but we guarantee that your data will be hosted in Australia, will be as secure as our existing environment and will allow MemNet to continue to grow while maintaining our high level of service.

Our aim is to complete the move with as little interruption to you as possible, but there will be things that we will need you to take care of once we make the move to the new environment. This will relate to updating your SPF record and your domain name if you have a website hosted with us. The way you access and use MemNet will not change.  We will be in touch with you over the coming weeks to keep you up to date with the move and advise what you need to do and when.

You do not need to take any action right now, we just wanted to inform you of the exciting things ahead for MemNet.

If you have any question please contact our support desk or click the button below to send us an email.


MemNet 3.4.7


Repeater Custom Fields



This powerful feature will allow you to create a custom field that can repeat in a table view. Instead of creating duplicate custom fields you can now repeat this information easily.

Search Functionality




 We have put some focus in improving the UI experience. You should find the system smoother and much more rounded. You will notice improvements in list views and searching to name a few.

Subscription Switching



 You will now be able to switch a subscription. This function provides a one click solution that will allow you to swap subscriptions instead of stopping and adding a new one.

Raising Subscriptions for end of year renewals

Whether you are sending out invoices or renewal invitations, the Raise Subscription function in MemNet is a handy tool to send out a mass email to everyone to let them know that their subscription is due.


The benefit if you are on renewal invitation subscriptions is that you can run this process as many times as you like. Click the button below to find out more...


Self Service on your Mobile

New Clients


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