MEMNET comes with two reporting functions as standard


  • CSV extracts allowing you to download data automatically into a spreadsheet for further analysis
  • Standard reports (especially related to the Accounts Receivable)

Reporting needs are often specific to a particular client or even to a particular user; and often they are one off reports that will not be needed again. We would never be able to produce a set of reports that would meet everyone's requirements. The CSV extract facility satisfies a lot of these requirements. However to allow you to produce formatted reports on request on any data in the system we supply a self service report generator ('Report Master'). This easy to use product requires no knowledge of SQL it is all menu and option driven. 

Report Master:
For more advanced reporting requirements, the Report Master Module allows users to create automated and customised reports to support your one off and ongoing reporting needs. Report Master allows you to:

  • Easily build a customised report through drop down list of data sources and fields 
  • Filter and arrange the relevant data
  • Include graphs, charts and summaries in your report
  • Save the reports for repeated running
  • Schedule a report to run automatically and be sent to you via email

The Report Master Module can be added to MEMNET Express or Pro system if required and is a powerful tool to meet your reporting needs.

Download the Report Master Brochure