About Us

OMNI Software ServicesMEMNET is a product of OMNI Software Solutions.

OMNI Software Solutions is a business dedicated to providing a modern, highly functional cloud based system solution to membership organisations large and small.   

We are committed to increasing business efficiency through the provision of innovative technology solutions. We continue to provide leading edge technology and proven solutions to enhance business processes and maximise time and cost efficiencies.

Our success has been achieved by consistently delivering superior outcomes for our clients by devising innovative and effective solutions to meet industry challenges.

The key to our success is understanding. We understand that you don't want technology for technology's sake. You want a business IT solution. A solution that is effectively integrated. A solution that fully supports your immediate and long term objectives. A solution that comes with the highest level of ongoing support.

OMNI Software Solutions is fully Australian owned and is focussed at providing industry leading software solutions.